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Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we’re specialists in female empowerment photography. Everything we do here is about empowering and supporting women like you.

In a world where women are often so quick to put themselves last, we’re the antidote!

An empowering photoshoot with us is the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re in need of a bit of a boost or are finally ready to put yourself first.

Empowering women through photography

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re incredibly passionate about empowering women through photography.

It’s something we’ve been doing now for well over a decade. More than 6000 women have passed through our doors over the years and have left feeling transformed.

We know how rare it is that women have beautifully shot and lit photographs of themselves. Unless you’ve had a professional photoshoot before, you’ll likely just have snapshots of yourself that have been taken on a phone camera by your partner or a friend.

Let’s be honest, though. These are never the most flattering. Particularly when that person knows nothing about composition, camera angles and working with light.

Empowering photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Yet, having empowered portraits of yourself is not only a gift to yourself but a legacy – it’s forever. It’s for you AND all the people you love.

We can assure you that portraits taken by us will be worth far more to you, both now and in the future, than the financial investment you’ll make.

We believe that you ARE enough right now, exactly as you are, and through photography, we can help you to realise that too.

The incredible power of portraits

The impact of empowerment photography on the lives of the women we’ve worked with cannot be overstated!

We regularly have ladies burst into tears in disbelief when they see their portraits for the first time during their ‘Reveal’ session with us – in fact, it’s the norm rather than the exception, so we always have tissues at the ready.

The Reveal is always a special moment and is always emotional.

Brunette young woman smiling to camera as she peers from under a white sheet

It’s sad but true that women too often fail to see their beauty, even though it’s right there to see. This is why we see our role as being to help you see the beautiful person you already are.

We believe in smile lines, true character and rediscovering yourself. Our aim is to show every woman that she is enough right now because (*truth bomb) you truly are!

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Black and white portrait of a woman wearing a warm cardigan looking over her right shoulder

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The art of empowerment photography

When it comes to creating flattering portraits, sometimes it’s the simplest of poses that can be the most powerful.⁠ ⁠Other times, we might incorporate props to tell the story of who you are. Every shoot is as unique as you are.

For us, one of the many joys of working with women is discovering who you are and what lights you up, then creating portraits to suit your unique style and preferences.

No day here in the studio is ever the same – we love it that way. We also relish the opportunity to apply our boundless creativity to every portrait we create.

Whether you want to be fully clothed in your portraits or are feeling brave enough to go semi-nude or completely nude, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Whatever empowerment is to you, we can create it.

Woman reclining on a bench wearing lingerie and heels in front of a large window

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Love the sound of an empowering photoshoot?

An empowering photoshoot with us at our Hampshire-based photography studio – whether you opt for portraits or boudoir, or a bit of both – will make you feel incredible, but don’t just take our word for it.

We have hundreds of testimonials from our happy clients – women who have been literally transformed by their photography experience with us. Find some of these on our reviews page along with hundreds of others over on our Facebook page.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to make the exciting first step towards booking your very own empowering photoshoot. We can’t wait to take your call.

Johanna, Ange & Rachel



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