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Mrs Claus’ story, in her own words

“Being the wife of the most famous man in the world isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

If I had a pound for every time a woman told me that they’d love to be in my position, I’d be a billionaire by now! Instead, here I still am. Working tirelessly each and every year, week in and week out, helping Mr C and his entourage of elves do their important work.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love being Mrs Claus, of course, I do!

I adore my husband, and I get to work with the jolliest people on the entire planet, so the vibe in the workshop is always uplifting. Employee satisfaction couldn’t be higher, in fact. Everyone’s always in a happy mood.

It’s also very ‘elf-fulfilling to know that your work is doing so much good and spreading so much joy among so many. It’s all about the children, after all.

The responsibility of being the wife of Father Christmas is a tough job though. To be honest, the workload is relentless, and I always try to support him.

An empowering experience like no other!

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman, and I tend to agree! This place, this show, this whole operation would fall apart at the seams without me!

Truth be told, I give my unwavering support but don’t always feel that that’s recognised. It’s rare that I get acknowledged for the vital role I play. It’s Mr C that gets all the praise and all the young children of the world admire him. No one seems to notice how hard I work too!

This is why I jumped at the chance to take a little bit of time out from the workshop recently to visit the Johanna Elizabeth studio in Hampshire for an empowering photoshoot.

Gosh! Those ladies know how to make a weary woman feel better! The team made me feel incredible from the moment I arrived. I don’t think I’ve smiled or laughed so much in years!

Mrs Claus enjoying an empowering photoshoot experience

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My time to shine!

Johanna and the team told me that the photoshoot was a chance to put the focus on me for once. I thought that sounded a bit ‘elf-indulgent at first but I loved it!

When there is so much work to be done back at the North Pole (and not just in the month of December, I might add), there’s very little time for much else. I barely ever get a day off from Christmas and there’s no chance of getting my ‘claus’ into anything just for me.

This photoshoot was different though. It was just for ME!

Mrs Claus' self-empowerment photoshoot

Johanna worked her magic, capturing the essence of me and making me feel incredible. The portraits were a million times better than any photo I’ve taken of myself with my ‘elfie stick back at HQ.

I enjoyed myself so much that once I got into the swing of it, she had to tell me to “rein-it-in dear” – well, I did go a bit wild!! I guess she brought out my naughty but nice side!

Cheeky Mrs Claus during her empowering boudoir photoshoot

A gift I know Mr Claus will love…

I just know that these portraits will put a smile on Mr C’s face when he returns from his delivering this Christmas. They’ll remind him of the old me – one he’s not seen for a while.

I’ve got my favourites all wrapped up in a beautiful Johanna Elizabeth gift box, ready for him to unwrap, and I know exactly where I’m going to display the extra cheeky wall art at home, so they’ll be there for me (and him) to enjoy every day!

Mrs Claus in her red lingerie set and santa hat

A self-empowerment photoshoot puts YOU first

If I’ve learnt one thing from this liberating experience ladies, it’s this…

The time to put yourself first is RIGHT NOW.

Don’t get your St. Nicks in a twist about not feeling recognised for everything you do.

The secret to having a jingle-bell time this Christmas, and at any time of the year, is to pull your ‘elf together and get down to Johanna’s studio!

Mrs Claus in festive outfit and lingerie

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Just be your(s)’elf!

Behind ‘claused’ doors, with Johanna by your side guiding you from pose to pose, you can finally be the woman you know you are inside.

Remember, life is not just for giving, but for living!

Christmas boudoir portraits starring Mrs Claus

On the day of your photoshoot, I know that you’ll sleigh, queen!

Just be your ‘elf!”


Mrs Claus x

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