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It’s always so special to me when a beloved client returns. It happens so often, we even have a nickname for these incredible women – ‘repeat offenders’!

I love them so much, every single one… to watch the growth and self love blossoming before our eyes, is a truly a gift.

Loretta came back to us last week and I’d love to share her words with you…

Loretta’s words…

I am a great believer in fate. I believe everything happens for a reason and also that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. I truly believe this about Jo and Johanna Elizabeth ?.

My first shoot was a celebration of a wonderful transformation in my life and ‘finding my inner goddess’ turning into the butterfly ?.

Not long after this I had my first ever tattoo closely followed by a second symbolising this change. I planned to return to capture the ‘next chapter’ and was delighted when the opportunity arose recently.

It was so different this time – no nerves, just excitement as I knew what to expect and how magical the whole experience is ?. Jo and I also plotted a Xmas surprise for my hubby which was so much fun!

I had a ball in my shoot not really paying any attention to the fact I was naked for most of it ?. It was so liberating ☺️. And of course the amazing reveal with the added excitement of surprising my lovely hubby ?.

I was even too excited to get emotional which is saying something for me! What beautiful results, thank you Jo ?? I love you and what you do, you’re amazing ???

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