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I was honoured when Mikala chose to come back into the studio, in front of my camera.

You may recognise Mikala from her first time with me, when we worked together to overcome a deep fear of photos. We created a blog then about it, you can read it here

So, now a new visit, after some big changes in her life. I won’t lie, it was tough for Mikala to reach our studio but fair play to her – her determination in getting there and posing how she did, shows the grit of this woman. She amazes me!

Ongoing, we’d love to offer boudoir shoots for those less able-bodied, restricted by wheels especially!

So, we are sourcing some wheel friendly venues/hotels where we could go ‘on location’ and make this happen!
If you know anywhere perfect – please let us know.

Mikala’s shoot story – in her words…

“This last year has been a challenge for me that has left me often hating myself and my life. I’ve gone from an extremely active person to someone that I always feared.

Due to serious illnesses that have left me with seizures and a spinal operation that didn’t go to plan, I have been left in a wheelchair with not much hope of coming out of, and I have piled the weight on from inactivity and medication.

My greatest fear has always been not being able to use my legs and all of a sudden it had become a reality.

The adjustment is the hardest thing I have had to deal with in my adult life because it felt that everything was gone, everything I had worked for had been taken from me.

I tried to remain a person of giving but I felt I was being a hypocrite in a way, running self-esteem art sessions when my own was on the floor. I questioned whether I should continue, but as it’s my only source of income I had no choice.

But when I saw Jo post about any of us ladies wanting to do another shoot, I thought sure I’ll go for that because us small businesses have to support one another,I wanted to do something positive for someone else that mattered, but I didn’t think that she would be able to get any decent shots. Even on the day I walked away thinking good luck with that.

I didn’t think about it again until the day before my reveal and the fear kicked in, was I just going to see everything I hate about myself now?

So when I went for my reveal, I was amazed at what I saw. At first, I couldn’t believe that these images were me, they were beautiful and powerful, soft but strong. It really was hard to recognise that these beautiful photos could actually be me.

Jo and team had done the impossible to me and made me look good, made me remember me and gave me some power back that I had lost, but also reminded me that I’m still here.

I haven’t changed just my circumstances have.

Thank you really isn’t enough, but it comes from the heart.”

Love to the incredible Mikala xx


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