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Once you’ve experienced an empowering photoshoot with us, naturally you’ll want to purchase and display your favourite portraits.

We can assure you, having them printed and hung around your home is THE most incredible feeling!

Not only do you get to touch them and gaze at them every single day, but you can also relive the exhilaration of your shoot for years to come.

Just imagine it. Before your feet even hit the floor in the morning, you glance up and look around your bedroom to see a beautiful, brave you on your wall!

What a boost! What a thrill!

Printed photographs and wall art

Stylish photo products

When it comes to choosing how you’d like to treasure your portraits, there are a number of beautiful options available.

You can invest in printed and mounted photographs and opt to display them in either our stylish Folio or Reveal Boxes. Or, you can invest in a breathtaking piece of wall art from our Signature Collection.

A new addition to the range in 2022 is also our Black Label Album Collection – not to be missed!

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Framed wall art

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Premium quality printed photographs and wall art

As you can imagine, photo printing quality is incredibly important to us here at Johanna Elizabeth.

We want your boudoir and beauty portraits to last a lifetime. That way, you can continue to enjoy them without the risk of the colours fading or the quality diminishing.

That’s why we’ve spent many years searching for the world’s best suppliers who can meet our exacting standards.

Stunning portrait display box

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Exceptional quality as standard

In keeping with the exceptionally high level of service we offer you, we’re committed to supplying only the very best quality printed photographs and wall art.

We guarantee that every photo product we create for you will stand the test of time.

Beautiful wall art peices

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Printed photographs and wall art are the ultimate gift to yourself

If you’re looking to buy the ultimate gift for yourself – whether for Christmas, your birthday, your anniversary or at any other time – printed photographs and wall art would be a brilliant choice.

They’ll last a lifetime. Plus, they’ll allow you to savour the incredible feeling you experienced on the day of your shoot with us, and they’ll give you a boost every single day.

Whether your photoshoot with us was recent or some time ago, contact us today to enquire about having more of your portraits made into beautifully printed photographs and wall art.

Remember, having portraits of yourself up on your walls at home will ensure that you start each and every day in 2022 with a confidence boost and a smile on your face!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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