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You are photogenic. Yes, you, reading this at home. For whatever reason you have clicked on this blog, whether you liked the photograph (thank you!) or maybe you have been dealing with your own confidence issues recently, we are here with an important message: embrace your beauty! We have heard a range of reasons why women don’t want to be photographed such as, “I don’t have the right face”, “I don’t have the right angles” or “I don’t have the right look.” But stop that nonsense! We are here to tell you exactly why you are photogenic…

We have all had a bad photo taken, which is due to a variety of reasons.  From bad lighting to being in the middle of sneeze, nobody is immune from being snapped at the wrong moment. Let’s be honest, it’s not a nice feeling when you don’t like yourself in a photograph. In fact, it can sometimes be gut-wrenching to the point where you turn away from the picture or you feel the need to untag yourself on social media. We have all been there, but this is down to you not having the right photographer taking your photo, not because of how you look!

our professional photographer are all female, so you can feel at ease

You also have to remember—you are your biggest critic. You look at yourself in the mirror every day, you know exactly what you like about yourself and what you feel conscious about. With our professional photographers, we help you realise how gorgeous you are. You will look at the portrait and be blown away, because, yes, that is you!

We make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed by our professional photographers. Our team are all women who understand your limitations and are happy to help you achieve your photo journey. No awkward poses, no forced smiles, we want you to enjoy your time in the studio whether you are sizzling it up in the boudoir or capturing your style in a portrait session.

professional photographers to make you feel comfortable

Are you looking to learn more about how we can benefit you? Get in contact today and one of our lovely ladies will be happy to help you with your queries.

Go on – let our photographers show the world how photogenic you are!

Love from,
Jo and team ~x~

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