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If you’ve ever wanted to see before and after photos of the ladies we’ve helped, you‘ll likely have been disappointed when looking on our website or our social media.

The truth is, we don’t do before and after photos, and there are important (to us) reasons why. Of course, many photographers do and have their own reasons. Fair enough!

Why we won’t share before and after photos of you

1. Trust

Firstly, we believe strongly in TRUST.

When you come to us for a boudoir or beauty portrait photoshoot, we fully appreciate that you are putting a huge amount of trust in us.

We realise that it’s probably been a massive step for you to take the leap of faith to not only get in touch with the Johanna Elizabeth team but to actually arrive on the day of your shoot.

After all, it’s not every day that you will put yourself in the situation where you might be semi or completely naked in front of a stranger (if you’re having a boudoir shoot that is)!

Blonde woman with long hair during a boudoir photoshoot

Your trust in us is so important and so respected.

We will do everything in our power to deserve and retain your trust. We’re committed to taking care of you, body heart and soul throughout your journey with us.

This is why we won’t share before and after photos. We value your trust so highly and would never want to do anything to risk that.

2. Before and after photos could negatively affect you.

We believe that you already ARE ENOUGH exactly as you are before your photoshoot, during and after!

Woman wearing black lace underwear during a boudoir photoshoot

Choosing us as your beauty or boudoir portrait photographer involves an internal transformation rather than a physical one. We don’t offer you a physical transformation. We simply help you to feel better about yourself and more prepared for the shoot. Who doesn’t love a pamper?

Our portraits, and the unique portrait photography experience you’ll enjoy with us, will give you a confidence boost to help you see the amazing woman you are!

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We believe that before and after photos could negatively affect the women involved’s self-esteem. As your genuinely caring and supportive cheerleaders, it’s something we’ll never do!

Sharing photos that suggest a woman has undergone a physical transformation during a photoshoot would go completely against our ethics.

Smiling brunette lady during a portrait session

Yes, while makeup, hair styling, clothing, flattering lighting and careful posing can help to make anyone look sensational, we’re passionate about simply enhancing your amazing self.

If we shared a photo of you taken before your photoshoot alongside a photo of you during your shoot, it could make you feel that your everyday look is not good enough.

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Photography before and afters – not at Johanna Elizabeth!

For these reasons, you’ll never have to worry about feeling awkwardly exposed to the world when you choose us as your portrait photographer.

Smiling blonde lady laying on a bed

The only pictures we will ever share of you are the ones that you have actively given us your signed consent to share.

Yes, we hugely appreciate the opportunity to share your portraits on our website and social media. It helps us to promote what we do and reassure more women to make that exciting step for themselves.

We also realise though, that not every woman who works with us wants their portraits shared. Whether it’s because they’re intended as a surprise for someone else, or whether they just want to keep their pictures for their eyes only, that’s completely fine. We fully respect that.

Discretion is absolutely key in this business.

Do you like before and after photos?

Now you know what we think, how do you feel about before and after photos? Why not let us know in the comments below.

Love Johanna


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