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Thankfully there are endless options when it comes to women’s lingerie, with something to suit women of every shape and size.

In this blog, we’re going to run you through some of the most popular women’s lingerie styles.

Having photographed thousands of women, we have vast experience of what can enhance your enviable assets.

Ultimately though, it’s a deeply personal choice as to what you wear to your boudoir lingerie shoot, and it’s just one element of the overall look we’ll create for you.

Women's lingerie for boudoir photography

We’ve previously written about the things you should consider when choosing lingerie, and why we believe your choice of lingerie is important to the overall photoshoot experience. Have a read of that if you haven’t already.

Whichever lingerie you choose, please know that we will always photograph you in a way that enhances the assets you want us to emphasise.

We can help you choose your boudoir lingerie

If you’re unsure of what lingerie to choose, don’t worry, help is at hand.  We are experts at advising you on what to bring to your portrait session, so lean on us for support!

At your design consultation, prior to your boudoir session, we’ll discuss women’s lingerie styles and specific lingerie ideas with you. If you’re unsure about what to choose, we can advise based on our experience of what could work.

We encourage you to tell us what you perceive to be your best bits and which bits you aren’t so keen on, so that we can advise you accordingly.

Choose your boduoir lingerie with our help

Also, before that consultation, we also suggest that you go window shopping! Take a look on Pinterest and on your favourite lingerie sites to get inspired. See what works for women with a similar body shape and size to you and consider your skin and hair colour too.

If you’re more confident about what lingerie you’ll wear, that’s great! We love seeing your ideas and look forward to swooning over your beautiful underwear together! We just love talking about  lingerie!

Popular women’s lingerie styles

For most women, lingerie that provides structure and support is the most flattering.

1. Bodysuits and all-in-ones

Bodysuits and all-in-ones are an ideal solution for ladies who don’t wish show too much flesh, particularly around the tummy area.

Available in many different styles and materials, they’re a popular option in the boudoir. Black, white or in a variety of colours, they all look fabulous!

Dark coloured bodysuits and all-in-ones are particularly good for moody or night-time portraits. White bodysuits are lovely for bridal boudoir shoots.

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Popular women's lingerie styles include colourful bodysuits

Brighter coloured options are great for portraits taken near the large window we have in the photography studio, which floods the room with natural light.

Woman wearing a lingerie bodysuit

Bodysuits and all-in-ones are incredibly versatile.

We especially love ones with interesting details on the back and knicker line, as these provide interest in the portraits. A low or cowl back look fab, for example.

Generally, we’d recommend one with a cup to give shape and structure to the chest.

Tip – try your bodysuit on while experimenting with different poses. You’ll need to be able to move into different positions during your photoshoot. Does it have some ‘give’ and allow for a range of movement?

2. Basques

Basques also provide cover for the tummy area and are usually well structured. They enhance your waist provide a boost to your chest, and lift everything up!

Woman wearing a basque during her lingerie shoot

A basque is a lingerie staple that never goes out of fashion! Paired with stockings and suspenders, it’ll make you sizzle in the boudoir!

3. Bras and pants

The classic bra and panties combo is also incredibly popular. Stockings and heels are optional but are a great way to set the look off!

Woman wearing bra and pants during lingerie photoshoot

Women’s lingerie styles: What will you choose?

The range of underwear available online is phenomenal nowadays so, again, your choice is going to be dictated by your personal preferences for style, material and colour.

Available in beautiful materials including satin, sheer and lace, bra and pants sets are both comfortable and look amazing on camera.

Details such as straps and lingerie jewellery make every piece unique.

Woman wearing teal coloured lingerie

Which lingerie style do you prefer?

Let us know which of these women’s lingerie styles you’re considering for your photoshoot or which you love to wear at home. We’re always on the lookout for hot new looks for our ladies!

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Ready to book your boudoir shoot? Then get in touch with us to have a no-obligation chat.

Love Johanna & the JE Team



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