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With age, we mature and grow into wonderful women, but even though we are older, wiser and more empowered than ever, it can still be easy to forget our true value.

When life takes a difficult turn, our confidence can be knocked, and our sense of self-worth may take a nosedive.

This is why we recently asked some of our wonderful clients to think about what they would say to their 18-year-old selves, to boost their confidence, if they had the chance.

The new ‘Note to Self’ Series

We’ve collated these words of wisdom into a ‘Note to Self’ e-book and, in this new blog series, we’ll be sharing the stories in the hope that they inspire you.

Since their teens, these ladies have lived, loved and learnt so much. We felt that we could all benefit from their experiences and advice.

In this edition, you’ll meet Loretta.

Loretta at 18 yrs old
Loretta at 18 yrs old

Loretta’s ‘Note to Self’…

You may feel time is racing by and you want to tick as many boxes as possible as soon as you can (marriage, kids, job, forever home, whatever it may be).

Slow down, take a breath, enjoy the now, don’t rush.

It’s a journey, an adventure to be savoured. You may find it’s more about the experiences along the way rather than the end goal that gives satisfaction.

Loretta has discovered her inner goddess with Johanna Elizabeth

Don’t compare yourself to others, be happy for them but celebrate you and your choices. We all follow our own story, no one is wrong.

Listen to the people who care about you, not the ones who don’t.

Focus on all the amazing things about you, believe me there are many.

If you love and believe in yourself this will shine through to everyone around you and then reflect back to you.

When I discovered my inner goddess in my late 40’s (whilst recording my transformation with Johanna Elizabeth) a recurring thought was “not enough time spent celebrating me and enjoying my younger years and far too much time worrying about the opinions of others.”

Thank you, Loretta!

We’re thrilled that you’ve now realised how amazing you are!

Thank you for sharing these incredibly wise words with us. We’re sure they will inspire so many women to recognise their worth and to celebrate themselves sooner rather than later.

Access the free Johanna Elizabeth ‘Note to Self’ book

Note to Self is a beautifully designed e-book with many more stories like this, and it’s completely free. We created it especially for you, so don’t miss out! Access it here

You can also view others in the series here on the blog. Don’t miss these!

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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