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I’m incredibly proud to consider myself a self-love promoter.

Every day, the all-female team here at Johanna Elizabeth do what we can to help women rediscover their inner power, their confidence, and their voice.

We recognise that so many women feel like a shadow of their former selves as they enter their 40s, 50, 60s, and beyond. Yet, with the right support and encouragement, we know that women who feel like this can learn to love themselves and thrive once again!

Sadly, we see in our clients every day the long-term negative effects of idealised, digitally distorted images of women.

They think if they don’t live up to the ‘ideal’ or to the expectation of what they should be, then they are not worthy.

Note to Self: A lockdown project to show that you ladies ARE enough!

This is why we decided to invite some of our clients to share an empowering piece of advice. We asked them to share something that they wish they could tell their 18-year old self.

These personal memos have been collated into an e-book. We’re honoured and excited to share their empowering words with you today!

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Enjoy our inspiring ‘Note to Self’ book

So here it is! Our wonderful ‘e-book’ ‘Note to Self’.

Simply click here to open and enjoy!

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it! We’ve loved putting this together for you!

Our hope is that the stories within will inspire and encourage you to recognise or be reminded of your own true value.

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Powerful stories to remind you that you ARE enough!

The stories serve as a reminder that confidence and self-worth can be easily eroded away. We mustn’t listen to the inner critic in our heads or to the disapproving voices of others in society and on social media.

The power is in your hands though to make your future a more confident one. Remember, we are all beautiful.  We ARE enough!

Changing lives one portrait at a time

It’s no exaggeration to say that our boudoir and beauty portrait photography service literally changes lives.

Our clients, who are ladies just like you, tell us that coming for a confidence-boosting photoshoot was a turning point. The start of a new reality, for them.

With newfound confidence, they have a better more positive outlook and a spring in their step. The confidence boost they gain is long-lasting too!

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Finally realising their worth, they’re able to rustle up the strength to move forwards. To face their demons, move on from a negative situation or relationship, or finally do that thing they’ve feared and been putting off for years.

As a result of their journey with Johanna Elizabeth, they change for the better and are happier and more fulfilled.

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Let’s make a positive change

Why, though, do women feel this way in the first place? Why is it accepted that society makes women feel that they are not enough?

As a woman and as a photographer of women, AND as a mother of daughters, I want to see positive change in society. We ladies, and future generations of women and girls, shouldn’t need to go through this emotional rollercoaster!

We’d love for more women to feel validated and valued. We should not feel pressured by what society or social media decides is what we should look or how we should behave.

Please share Note to Self with all your friends!

Please share this page with all the ladies you know who could find this book and the stories within it, valuable. We know that almost all women could do with reading this!

What advice would you give to your 18-year old self? We’d love to hear your stories. Comment below or get in touch with us if you’d like to share.

Love Jo, Ange & Evie,





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