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At Johanna Elizabeth, we talk a lot about self-love. We consider ourselves ‘self-love promoters’ and we share that label loudly and proudly.

We believe in the importance of self-love and confidence, and are here to inspire you to love yourself more!

What is self-love?

Well, for us, self-love is about feeling good about yourself.

  • It’s about being self-reliant and not looking to other people or things to make you feel good.
  • It’s about having a sense of satisfaction and contentment about who you are.
  • It’s about caring for yourself and doing what’s best for you rather than always putting others first.
  • It’s about cutting yourself some slack when things go wrong, and not listening to your inner critic who makes you doubt and chastise yourself.
  • It’s about respecting yourself and being grateful for your life, your body, your relationships with others and everything you have.

Confident woman during photoshoot

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Why is self-love and confidence important?

If you don’t feel good about yourself then you’re more likely to hold yourself back. But when you love yourself, you show up in your life as the best version of you.

Women who do love themselves feel more confident, satisfied and empowered.

They can be bolder and more daring to go for what they want and are more committed to living a full, uncompromised life. They do things that serve themselves as well as others and are not afraid of saying ‘no’.

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The importance of self-love and confidence cannot be overstated!

How you feel about yourself shows up in all aspects of your life; in your personal life, in your interactions with friends and family, in your relationship with your partner and in your work.

If you’re not feeling good about yourself right now, how is that showing up for you?

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What are the benefits of self-love?

At Johanna Elizabeth, we’re passionate about helping you with this as there are so many benefits to self-love!

Loving yourself helps you to be bold and brave, to try things that excite you (such as a confidence-boosting photoshoot), to stand up for yourself and achieve more. The benefit is that you’ll feel happier, more satisfied and you’ll be more successful in what you do.

You’ll also have a more positive mindset, which will help you to face challenges head-on and see the good in a situation rather than the bad.

Being self-assured, you’ll also worry less about what others think of you and be more prepared to speak your mind, which can be incredibly liberating!

For these reasons and more, we want you to practice self-love and care. Treat yourself as well as you treat others!

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Confident woman during photoshoot

How to practice self-love and acceptance

If you’re after self-love inspiration, be sure to be following us on Facebook and Instagram. Our social media accounts are packed full of portraits of our bold, brave and beautiful clients as well as inspirational content to uplift you, make you smile and help you on your self-love journey.

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The importance of self-love and confidence cannot be overstated!

Is there room in your life for a little more self-love and confidence? If so, remember life is too short to spend your time not feeling good about yourself.

If you have any doubts about how truly wonderful you are, remind yourself that you DO deserve every great thing that happens in your life. You’re a fabulous mother, daughter, friend and partner and you have much to offer to the world!

Be yourself, accept yourself, value yourself, forgive yourself, express yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, empower yourself.

Love JE, Ange & Rachel

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