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This month we are excited to be featured in Prima magazine!

In the November edition, out this month, Johanna is quoted as a guest expert talking about photo prints.

She’s highlighting the importance of quality photo printing and revealing why digitally printed photographs fade over time.

Prima magazine

Superior quality photo printing

As Johanna said in the article, there is a stark difference in the quality of print we offer our clients here at Johanna Elizabeth and what’s typically offered by high street print labs and digital print companies.

Our photo prints are created by true experts.

We work with them because they are meticulous about the quality of their prints and they offer the very best print quality available on the market today.

Incredibly, their prints are guaranteed to last up to 300 years!

Photo display box

In contrast, you only need to look back on photos you might have tucked away in an album somewhere to see how the colours have faded.

If you’ve ever wondered why that is, it’s because they are digitally printed photographs that are produced quickly and cheaply.

Most high street printing labs use printing technologies designed for convenience and price, not quality.

There are other differences too. Non-archival paper and low-quality printing inks are used which means that it’s inevitable that the photos will fade over time.

In fact, digital prints can fade within 10 years, especially when they are exposed to light. Not long, is it?

Canvas print

We offer you only the finest quality photo products and wall art

As a client of ours, when you invest in printed photographs through us, we offer you the reassurance of exceptional quality and durability.

Thanks to the use of the finest quality materials – archival papers and superior inks – your printed photographs will literally last a lifetime.

Do take a look at the current edition of Prima magazine to see the feature!

If you’d like to know more about our print and wall art products, please visit this page or get in touch with us to ask any questions you have. We are very happy to help!

Johanna, Ange & Evie


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