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Did you know that portrait photography can help you to boost your happiness and your self-esteem?

While a portrait photography session is certainly an empowering experience, our clients are living proof that there are long-term benefits too!

Reclaim your happiness and boost your self-esteem

So many of our lovely ladies have told us that having a portrait shoot with us has been nothing short of life-changing.

Plus, they say that viewing their portraits on the walls of their home every day afterwards helps to keep the positive vibes going.

Their portraits make them feel happier and more confident about themselves. They remind them that they ARE enough!

Framed wall art

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A proven link between displaying portraits and a sense of self-worth

To be honest, we are never surprised to hear this! Studies have shown that having portraits around the home can boost a person’s self-confidence.

Photos can be a visual reminder of a positive experience or time in the past, and they can evoke positive feelings and give joy and comfort when they’re looked at.

Smiling woman with black hair and wearing a red top

A study in 1975 known as The Murfreesboro Study analysed a group of 10-year-old children with low self-esteem. Those children reported a 37% increase in their self-esteem scores after taking photographs of themselves and viewing them regularly over a period of five weeks.

It’s amazing to think that the simple act of looking at self-portraits led to such an uplift in those children’s self-esteem!

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Boost your self-esteem and happiness through portrait photography

So, now you know that having portraits on display can boost your happiness and sense of self-esteem. Just imagine how much you could benefit from having empowering portraits of yourself in your home!

Here in the studio, our very own Ange recently had portraits taken of her gorgeous young family. Working with me, she’s no stranger to the power of portrait photography but this time, she rediscovered it for herself.

After a devastating time this summer, with her husband and father of their kids walking out on them suddenly, they all needed a boost and a reminder that they ARE enough.

Discover the power of portrait photography with Johnanna Elizabeth

She told me that the portraits have made her feel so much more self-assured, which is brilliant to hear. Even more importantly, her kids love them too.

They certainly needed to see, in a portrait, tangible proof that they are a brand new family unit and mummy isn’t going anywhere.

Child portrait photography by Johanna Elizabeth

When her new family framed portrait arrived, I couldn’t resist surprising her by mounting it on the wall in our studio reception. She burst into tears when she first saw it, bless her! She loved it!

It’s now hanging pride of place at home, working on their self-esteem every day.


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Beauty portraits: Get your loved ones involved too

If you want to bring along a special person to your photoshoot so they can also discover the power of portrait photography, then please do! Our beauty portrait shoots can include your loved ones.

Bring along your children, your parents, your best friend – anyone you’d love to have a portrait taken with.

We had this lovely mum and daughters in for a portrait photography shoot recently.

Mother and daughters portrait photography

It was wonderful to photograph the special bond between them and to be able to create some family portraits that we know will become treasured memories for them all.

Don’t forget, we also offer couples boudoir photoshoots. These are a great way to involve your partner and have a fun shoot together. They’re ideal if you have an anniversary to celebrate, or for no reason at all!

Couples boudoir photography

Discover the power of portrait photography for yourself

If you could do with boosting your confidence and self-esteem come and enjoy the benefits of an empowering portrait photography shoot.

We’d love to work our magic and create beautiful portraits for you that will become powerful reminders of how incredible you are!

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Contact us via the website or feel free to call or email the team with any questions you may have about our beauty portrait and boudoir photography services.

Visit the blog for more articles too. There are lots of inspiring transformation stories featuring some of our past clients.

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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