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When you are with us in Hampshire, you have the opportunity to show your sexy, confident side through your hair and make-up, poses and your boudoir lingerie.

What you wear to the boudoir is entirely up to you! At Johanna Elizabeth, we will always give you honest and thoughtful advice about what you could wear for your shoot. After all, it’s important that you feel confident but also comfortable! When you decide what boudoir lingerie you should pick, think about going for an outfit that is form-fitted and gives great support to your bust. This means getting yourself measured. When did you last do that? See our blog on why it’s SO important!

For those of us worried about our tummy area (99% of our ladies mention that) then corsets and basque type outfits are a must. Worried about your bottom? Show it off in big pants, pretty ones. It seems strange, but wearing pretty lingerie with lots of detail, is flattering and really adds something to your final portraits. Select a beautiful, detailed lingerie gown and you’ll be feeling sensuous and rocking it before you even step into the studio.

boudoir lingerie
It is also important that you about the type of colours you would like to go for and if they will compliment the theme of your shoot. For example, you might want a look that is fresh, bright and soft—so you could go for light coloured, white or ivory outfits. On the other hand, you may want to go down the dark, sexy and sultry road, where you could opt for black silk and lace detailing, even leather. Don’t hesitate on being creative about the theme you want in your photoshoot!

Another way to make your photoshoot more personalised is with props! Think about bringing in objects that will go with your lingerie, whether beads, shawls or something that shows off your character, so if you’re a book worm you can bring in your favourite story or if you are sporty, bring in a tennis racket or a football. Let your imagination run wild—after all, boudoir is all about the fun.

boudoir lingerie
If you are thinking of these portraits with a significant other in mind, maybe you can bring something that helps dedicate an image to them? A golf club, football shirt, game controller?
Remember though – you are mainly doing this photoshoot for you. Even if you are using the portraits as an intimate gift for someone, it’s important to pick the type of boudoir lingerie that you will want to wear, although it is a treat to find out what your partner would like to see you in.

Still unsure what boudoir lingerie to pick for your photoshoot? Not to worry, as we will cover all ideas you may have in our pre-consultation session and help you create a Pinterest board, so you can develop the look you want for your photoshoot. Get in touch today and a staff member will be happy to answer any of your boudoir queries!

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