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Have you heard about our Eternal Angel portraits? Yes, the luxury photoshoot experience which features THOSE amazing feathered angel wings!

They’re new and exclusive to Johanna Elizabeth – you won’t find them anywhere else in the UK – and, unsurprisingly, they’ve proven incredibly popular since we launched them earlier this year.

While we’ve revealed some of the portraits we’ve created for our Eternal Angel clients, there are lots more in the archives that we haven’t yet shared. So, today, we’re revealing more for your viewing pleasure! We hope you’ll agree that they are simply divine!

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Angel wings portrait photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Who are the Eternal Angel sessions ideal for?

Our Eternal Angel portrait sessions are ideal for the woman who already has bags of confidence, and who wishes to have a dramatic piece of artwork for their home.

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Stunning angel wings portrait photography

Ready to take your boudoir experience to the next level?

If you’ve already had a photoshoot with us and are looking to take your boudoir experience to the next level, this one is for you!

Angel wings portrait photography

As you can see, the beautiful angel wings are simply breath-taking! They are even more amazing in the flesh than you might imagine and are so incredibly soft to touch.

What clients have said about our Eternal Angel photoshoots

Our ladies have told us that wearing the angel wings makes them feel a million dollars!

 “As soon as those wings are on you feel like you could do anything. It’s incredibly empowering” –  Rosie

If you’d like to hear more of what our clients have said of their Eternal Angel photoshoot experience, then visit the reviews section of our boudoir Facebook page.

Eternal angel photoshoot

Wow, talk about a once in a lifetime experience! An eternal angel shoot is truly like no other. – Lucy

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Interested in booking an Eternal Angel session of your own?

If you love the look of our angel wings portrait photography and would like to have your own chance to wear them in an empowering professional photoshoot, contact us today to chat about it! We’d love to hear from you.

Love Jo & team JE  X

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