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Want to add some extra spice to your boudoir portraits? Then, you may wish to choose a 50 Shades-inspired theme. Think boudoir props such as leather, handcuffs, chains and whips.

We realise that this certainly isn’t for everyone, but some women love this idea!

If you wish to show a side of yourself in your portraits that might otherwise be hidden, what better opportunity than during your boudoir photoshoot?

Boudoir photoshoot accessories: Inspiration and tips

If you like the idea of incorporating boudoir props that hint at your ‘naughty’ side, keep reading.

We’re going to show examples of how we use boudoir accessories, such as handcuffs, in a stylish way to give a nod to that side of you.

We’re calling it ’50 shades of boudoir’!

Boudoir photos by Johanna Elizabeth

Christian Gray inspired boudoir portraits

When it comes to boudoir props and accessories, here at Johanna Elizabeth anything goes (within reason!)

We’re delighted when women bring in a set of their favourite fluffy handcuffs, a leather corset, knee-high leather boots, feathers or a sky-high pair of Louboutin heels, for example.

We love having the opportunity to create some fabulous photos of you incorporating your favourite accessories. It’s a really fun part of the process!

Woman wearing over the knee black leather boots

Boudoir props and accessories

In our own boudoir prop stash, we also have a wide selection of accessories. You’re very welcome to use something of ours if it takes your fancy.

We’re always buying new items too. So, even if you’ve been to us before, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!

That said, if you do have something at home that would be perfect for this theme then do bring it along.

You can personalise your boudoir pictures that way, which helps to make them feel all the more special and meaningful.

Woman with her hands tied behind her back by handcuffs

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What boudoir photoshoot props and accessories might work well?

The boudoir props and accessories you choose to bring along and use is completely up to you.

Every woman we photograph is unique and will have different preferences and tastes. It’s only really you who will know what feels right and what might not.

Woman wearing black lingerie and holding a whip

As with all of our portraits shoots though, you will be invited to a pre-shoot Design Consultation. This is when we’ll chat about all the finer details and can talk this through with you.

We’ll make a plan for your shoot day, and it’s also when you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

We’ll smooth over any photoshoot nerves and can give you tips on the best boudoir poses and what to wear.

Our boudoir studio is a safe place for you to be your true self

The key thing we’re keen to emphasise is that, at all times, YOU are in full control.

You decide what portraits we set up and YOU choose which boudoir props and accessories we include and how they’ll be used.

Our photography studio is a completely safe space for you to be who you want to be in your portraits.

Blonde woman holding a boudoir prop

Is a 50 Shades of Boudoir shoot for you?

So many women love the idea of a 50 Shades-inspired boudoir shoot, but if it isn’t for you then that’s completely OK!

Your portrait session can be as wild or as tame as you’d like it to be.

It’s simply an opportunity for you to feel fabulous and to dress up and have some fun with props and costume changes if you wish.

Woman wearing angel wings and high heeled boots sitting on a small chaise longue

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Celebrating you!

One thing we always say is that although your photos can be the perfect treat for your partner, a boudoir experience should always primarily be a treat for you.

There aren’t many opportunities in life where you can show just how gorgeous and beautiful you are, but boudoir is an experience that makes sure the spotlight is solely on you. Yor are so worth it!

Boudoir prop ideas

For more boudoir props and accessories ideas, take a look at our boudoir gallery.

Our blog is also packed with other helpful articles about all-things boudoir. Do take a look around!

Woman holding a black feathered tickling stick

Let’s get you booked in!

If the portraits we’ve shown here are the type of images you’d love to have for yourself, then get in touch.

Our all-female team is widely considered the best in the business and clients travel across the country to our photography studio here in Havant, Hampshire.

We would love to chat to you today about planning your own boudoir experience. You can drop us a message via this form or give us a call.

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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