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If you’ve been looking around our website and have come across our portrait gallery, you’ll have seen that we don’t shy away from nude photography. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to photograph women in the nude. It’s a style of portraiture that we love!

It makes our day when a client is prepared to bare a little (or a lot) of skin. It means we can get creative and capture beautiful ‘bodyscape’ portraits like the ones we’re showing here.

What is bodyscape photography?

Bodyscape photography is about celebrating the form of your body. It’s a particular style of nude portraiture that’s brilliantly empowering. It’s all about celebrating the skin that you’re in!

Bodyscape portraits are beautiful images that celebrate the shape, lines and overall form of the body using dramatic, low-key lighting to create emphasis and shadows.

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we specialise in female bodyscapes. These are professional portraits of women which are typically tightly cropped close-ups, where the focus is on a certain part of the body such as the curvature of the back, torso, breasts or bottom.

Bodyscape portraits can also be taken from a wider angle though too. These include more of the body or emphasise the beauty of the human form in its entirety.

Bodyscape photography by Johanna Elizabeth

All our bodyscape portraits are created in a fine art black and white style.

Nude photography: Celebrating your body!

In bodyscape photography, the head/face is typically not shown. This means that unless you have unique or distinguishable features such as tattoos or markings on your skin, chances are not even your partner would know it was you in the photos!

If you love the bodyscapes you see here and fancy having a few nudes taken during your upcoming photoshoot with us, then this style of portrait is perfect for you!

Nude portrait captured during a bodyscape photoshoot

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Is bodyscape boudoir photography the same as glamour photography?

Bodyscape photography is not to be mistaken for glamour photography. The latter has connotations that we wouldn’t wish to be associated with.

The portraits we take of women are for those women and are not necessarily for the eye of others (although you may well choose to share your portraits with your partner).

Glamour photography is also more sexualised. Our portraits are first and foremost about the empowerment of the woman concerned. They are taken for her enjoyment.

Black and white artistic bodyscape photography

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Would you dare to bare?

As professional “curve hunters”, we’ve got a keen eye for captivating curves and beautiful lines!

Believe us, when you are in our photography studio wearing little or nothing at all, there is no judgement whatsoever.

We don’t see what you may dislike about your body (and remember, your body is perfect exactly as it is anyway). We simply see huge potential for stylish fine art nude photography and can’t wait to start creating art with you!

If you do have certain areas of your body that you’re keen to keep concealed though, this is where we can get creative and direct light onto your favourite parts while keeping your less-favoured parts hidden in the shadows.

Bodyscape photography celebrates the beautiful curves of a woman's body

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Empowering nude photography

Obviously, nude photography requires a sensitive approach. Even the most body-confident woman will want to feel reassured that they are in safe hands during a nude photoshoot.

It’s also essential that any woman who is taking part in a bodyscape boudoir shoot feels that they can trust their photographer both during the session and afterwards in terms of their images being safe.

As an all-female team, we can assure you of a considered and empowering experience and that your images are 100% safe with us.

We have tried and tested processes in place to ensure the security of your portraits and any nude photographs we create. We’ll only ever share your images if you’ve given us explicit permission to do so.

Bodyscape photographer Johanna Elizabeth photographs women at her Hampshire-based studio

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Is fine art bodyscape photography something that you’d like to try?

If this has whetted your appetite for fine art nude portraits then get in touch today.

Perhaps you’re already imagining your own bodyscape portraits gracing the walls of your home. Just imagine how incredible that would be!

We’d love the opportunity to create bodyscape portraits of you and to help you realise, if you didn’t already, that your body truly is a work of art!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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