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The thought of a semi-nude or nude boudoir photoshoot terrifies most women, but there are many who wish they had the courage or the guidance to do it. Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we help those ladies who are ready to take that exciting step.

We pride ourselves on providing a luxury experience and an unrivalled level of care to our clients. They tell us that we are the best boudoir photography team they’ve found in the UK as a result. Thanks, ladies!

How to prepare for a nude boudoir photoshoot

When it comes to boudoir, it’s crucial that you not only choose the right photographer but also prepare for the experience. In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to do just that!

Aside from a few gins for dutch courage (which might just make you wobbly), we recommend the following to all the incredible ladies who join us and decide to bare all for the camera.

  1. Choose your boudoir photographer wisely

It’s really important that you choose a photographer who is the right fit for you. Great care is needed when it comes to boudoir photography, and a poor experience or unflattering photos can have a negative impact on you.

Ideally, your chosen boudoir photographer would be a qualified professional. We’d always recommend you choose one with demonstrable experience and rave reviews from satisfied clients. (Visit our Boudoir Facebook page to see all the lovely things our clients have said about us).

They should also want to spend time getting to know you ahead of the shoot. A little familiarity between you and them will help you relax on the day. Plus, knowing your motivations and your unique style and preferences will help them to personalise the experience for you.

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Woman during a nude boudoir photoshoot

So, take your time to research your options. No two photographers will provide the exact same service or level of care, and in boudoir photography how well you are looked after is paramount!

Ultimately, choose a boudoir photographer because you love their photography style and feel at ease with the idea of them photographing you in your undies (or less). Be prepared to pay well too. You truly do get what you pay for.

If in doubt, listen to your gut!

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  1. Practice at home

One way to beat any nerves you feel ahead of your semi-nude or nude boudoir shoot is to practice at home.

Plan the poses you want to do and give them a go in front of the mirror! Practising is not essential though as you’ll get full posing guidance from your photographer on the day of your shoot.

An easy way to discover boudoir posing ideas is to look at your chosen photographer’s website. Here you should find lots of examples of boudoir portraits they have taken of other women.

White sheet photoshoot

  1. Keep it natural

It may be tempting to load on the fake tan ahead of your boudoir photoshoot if you’re feeling a little pale and want to have a glow in your portraits.

However, swerve the fake tan and your photographer will thank you for it. It might make you feel braver but, in truth, strong studio lighting and high-quality cameras may highlight the bits you miss or overdo!

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  1. Personal grooming

Shaving and waxing is a personal thing. It might make you feel better if you’re all ‘tidy’, however, be assured that the camera won’t be able to tell either way.

So, your personal grooming routine pre-photoshoot should be no different to what you do normally. Just be you!

Black and white portrait of woman laying on bed

  1. Hair and makeup

Similarly, having your hair and makeup done for a photoshoot is a treat but is not essential.

If you’d like her to, our beauty stylists can help you to make you feel ready for your shoot. They’re pros at makeup for women of all ages and can style your hair to make you feel glamorous.

Don’t miss our easy hair and makeup tutorials that’ll give you a confidence boost on Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Do the nude shots last

Try not to think or worry about the naked portraits that you’re planning to have taken, and instead enjoy every moment of the shoot.

Your photographer will likely guide you and only suggest you do the semi-naked or naked shots at the end of a shoot. This is when you are most relaxed.

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  1. Cover up between poses

While you will be semi-naked or fully naked for some photos, be reassured you should always wear a gown or some kind of cover-up between poses.

Your comfort and well-being should be at the top of your photographer’s mind. Having a cover-up or gown to slip on during shots will mean that you are not baring all for prolonged periods.

Clothing can be quickly removed just for the short time that the shot is being taken, so there is no need at all for you to be naked for more than a few short moments at a time.

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  1. Embrace the experience

Finally, prepare yourself for your boudoir experience by recognising the gorgeous beauty that you are. Embrace this, feel confident in yourself and that confidence will radiate out and into your boudoir portraits.

A boudoir photoshoot can be life-changing, so go with the flow and enjoy!

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Body jewellery

Are you ready for a boudoir photoshoot?

Celebrating your body with a boudoir photoshoot may end up being one of the most liberating things you’ll ever do!

The sense of empowerment you’ll feel when you look back on your boudoir portraits cannot be overstated. Your pictures on the walls at home will serve as a daily reminder of how amazing you are, and of a time when you felt unstoppable!

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Start your empowering boudoir journey today!

If you’d like to find out more about the empowering photography that we create for women just like you, get in touch or email us via this contact form.

We’d also love to see you again if you’ve been to us before and are now ready for your next boudoir shoot!

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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