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If you have any questions about boudoir, we always welcome you to talk to us, either by commenting on a blog (like this one!) or messaging us through our website or Facebook. If you are a newbie to boudoir photography, let Johanna Elizabeth Boudoir in Hampshire convert you. Boudoir photography is a platform where you can truly express yourself and feel bloomin’ good doing it!

The following three questions are the most popular queries we get from people who are interested in boudoir. We get that boudoir may seem scary and standing in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, whether you don’t think you are photogenic (*ahem* you are) or you don’t feel confident in your skin. So, we are using this blog to shine some light on some of the top, burning questions we get asked.

Do You Provide Outfits or Do I Bring My Own?

With every boudoir session, a pre-consultation is included with one of our friendly female members of staff. Usually, you bring your own outfits to your boudoir photoshoot, however we do have some props that you can use to add an extra something to your portrait.

Do I Have to Get Naked?

No. If want to, you can, but what we do at Johanna Elizabeth is create implied nudes by using props such as white or silver sheets or by encouraging you to bring nude lingerie if you are looking for this desired effect. All of the Johanna Elizabeth team from the photographers to the make-up artist are female and we make it our mission to provide a safe, friendly and relaxed environment for you to enjoy your photoshoot and feel confident in your own skin.

I don’t know how to pose?

That’s fine, we can help you select the poses you want to do in your photoshoot. Your photographer will give you easy guidance on how to do them and we promise we won’t shout any vague instructions like “Show me emotion!” at you.

If you want to learn more about our boudoir sessions, check out the boudoir page on our website or you can get in touch with a member of staff from Johanna Elizabeth Boudoir in Hampshire on 023 92480100 or through our Facebook page. Trust us, you have nothing to worry about!

Love from,
Jo  ~x~


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