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Women who come to us for a portrait photography session are looking to feel seen and to feel empowered.

Working with us collaboratively and creatively, we work our magic with our female clients. We design a bespoke photoshoot experience; one that gives you a huge boost to your confidence and is an opportunity for you to creatively express yourself.

Beyond this, some ladies are after that next level of empowerment. They already have confidence by the bucket load and are open to doing a nude boudoir photoshoot – one involving little or no clothing.

Nude boudoir photography specialists

While we do have limits on what we’ll allow in the studio, and what we’ll photograph, we are nude boudoir photography specialists and welcome you to bare some skin if you wish.

It’s important for you to know that we are not ‘erotic’ photographers or what you would associate with the phrase ‘glamour’ photography, but semi-nude and nude boudoir photography has always been a feature of our offering.

It’s also a much-loved part of our service since we know how incredible it makes our clients feel!

Woman wearing black lace lingerie lying on a bed

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Nude boudoir photoshoots: Next-level empowerment

If you’re happy to get semi- or fully naked in front of our camera, then we would love to invite you to book a nude portrait experience that we’ve affectionately named ‘SPICE’.

We will create tasteful and classy fine art portraits of you in our signature style while spicing things up a little, and pushing the boundaries in a way that will excite you.

For women who dare to bare

When it comes to getting naked in front of a camera, naturally a certain level of confidence is required. Our SPICE shoots are body confidence photoshoots – they are not for wallflowers. They are only for those women who truly feel completely comfortable in their own skin and with the idea of a nude boudoir photoshoot.

When we work with women who ooze confidence from every pore, this is when the magic happens!

Together we design a photoshoot, bespoke to you, that matches your individual comfort level, and that’s designed to be a tribute to you and your amazing, unique self.

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Smiling brunette woman during a nude boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir props for your nude photoshoot

A semi or fully-naked photoshoot with us may also involve a few cheeky props and accessories – think Fifty Shades of Grey: whips, chains, feathers and masks.

We have an extensive collection here at the studio. Of course, we welcome you to bring your own too to personalise your portraits too. A hot pair of heels or boots and stunning lingerie will complete the look.

Plus, don’t forget, included in every one of our shoots is professional hair styling courtesy of our in-house stylist. She will make you feel sensational and ready for your time in front of our camera.

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Woman sitting on a bench with her head thrown back

Fine art portraits to keep the feeling alive

Once you’ve had your nude boudoir photoshoot with us, and have chosen your favourite portraits during your empowering Reveal session, we’ll help you to decide on a way to display your gorgeousness.

We offer a stunning range of fine art prints, frames and albums, sourced from the world’s very best suppliers. The tough decision will be which option to choose!

Having your portraits on your walls at home (or tucked away in a safe space, for only you to see) will be certain to help keep the magic alive.

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Woman wearing body jewellery during a naked boudoir photoshoot

We are a safe space to create your most personal portraits

However far you want to go in your portraits, one thing we’re keen for you to know is that our photography studio here in Havant, Hampshire, is a completely safe space for you to be you.

Here, you can express yourself without fear of judgement. We are an all-female team (and we’ve pretty much seen everything before!).

We pride ourselves on working to the strictest code of confidence. Discretion is key in this line of business and is something that you can absolutely rely on us to provide.

In fact, we’re very used to being commissioned by professionals, whose portraits must never be seen in the public domain. Plus, in terms of security, your portraits are even saved on a locked away, password-protected server (not cloud), under a number, not your name.

Only if you give us permission to share will your images be seen by others. They can be shared anonymously if you’d prefer.

Naked woman photographed during a nude boudoir photoshoot

Are you ready to step into your bravest self and try a nude photoshoot?

We are delighted to help all ladies achieve their dreams through portraits.

If you love the idea of having tasteful yet daring naked portraits of yourself, to empower and delight you (and perhaps a partner), then give us a call here at the studio.

We’d love to hear from you and help create beautiful nude portraits that will add a bit of spice to your life!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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